What is an ICOD?

An ICOD funds development of real projects. These projects pay money, which goes to the Antigua & Barbuda Development Coin crowdsale participants.

How will the ICOD funds be allocated?

1. 50% of the Net Income is paid as Ether to the crowdsale participants through the Smart Contract.
2. The other 50% is re-invested in the Projects to increase the income from the Projects.

Project Locations?

The project locations are on the island of Antigua & Barbuda.

Why an ICOD is better than an ICO?

An ICOD funds real projects. These projects generate income for the crowdsale participants and provide badly needed jobs on the Island.

What are the advantages of an ICOD?

An ICOD will:
1. Generate income for Citizen, the Government and crowdsale participants
2. Increase the value of the Coin as the income increases
3. Improve the social and economic economy for Antigua & Barbuda

Who is running the projects?

CNET Antigua & Barbuda and their strategic Partners will be running the projects, which has a long and successful history of the development of projects throughout varies industries.